It has been my pleasure to get to know Donald over the past few years. I have seen him mature and grow in the service of the Lord. Donald has on several occasions seen the needs of the Church and has stepped up to help in many ways. He has filled the pulpit as an able preacher and deliverer of God’s word. He has been a student of the Bible as well as teacher. I continue to look forward to seeing what the Lord can use this fine servant for.

In Christ Love

David Wallace

I have been watching Donald on Periscope for over a year now and he has touched my life and helped me grow as a Christian. He is a man on a mi­ssion to spread the Word and share the love of Jesus. He giv­es the Word so simple yet so deep. He do­esn’t give a sugar-coated feel-good serm­on, instead sermons that help us along our walk.

Felicia Whitfield

I just want to thank God for the opportunity to share my testimony on a platform such as this. Min Donald comes on Periscope daily to give a word of encouragement and correct with such zeal and passion. Min Donald is definitely in my morning get ready party regimen. Just a blessing to have a strong man of God who isn’t ashamed of his calling

Nicole Mack